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Sunday Mornings

We are currently looking at our four Core Values:

Build Healthy Lives:

#1 Looking at the foundations

#2 Building on the foundtions

#3 Supernatural building

Belong to your Church and Community:

#1 Who do you belong to?

#2 A sense of belonging

#3 Location, location, location

Become – know your gifts and roles:

#1 God’s vision for your life

#2 The Perfect Body (1): Going all in!

#3 The Perfect Body (2): Becoming a Church with Momentum

Be Assigned – Change Your World:

#1 Be the City – Be the Salt – Be the Light

#2 Be Humble – Be Selfless – Be Uncomfortable

#3 Be Builders

Sunday Evenings 

We are looking at some of the key teachings of Paul as he writes to a church in Rome in his first-century world that still has great relevance to us all living in the 21st century.

In the first-century Roman Empire, Paul’s letter to the Romans was a bold and dangerous manifesto. He wrote to followers of Jesus living in the capital of the empire, confessing allegiance to Christ over Caesar. Announcing better news than the military victories of Rome, Paul explained how the resurrected Son of God had conquered death. For the life that will never end, he offered access to a new identity in Christ; freedom from the failures of rule-based living, and a way of living forever in the Spirit and love of God.