Sunday mornings

We are currently looking at the teaching of Jesus in what is called ‘The Sermon on the Mount’ from Matthew 5 to Matthew 7.  It is probably the best-known part of Jesus’ teaching, though arguably it is the least understood and obeyed.

So what does it mean to seek first the kingdom in our relationships, values. ambitions, finances, and commitment to God? Jesus’ answers amazed those who first heard the Sermon on the Mount and still challenges us today. 

Come along to hear more. Everyone welcome!

Big Questions on Sunday evenings 

Everybody has questions in life. But not all questions are created equal. Some questions are really big… and they can become sticking points to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. In this series we will tackle some of life’s Big Questions to help us to understand more fully the firm foundation of Christianity. We would love to see you. Everyone welcome!

This series will be covering the following subjects: 

Come along to hear more. Everyone welcome!