Believer’s Baptism is a special event in the life of our Church. As soon as someone has become a Christian we encourage them to be baptised, as this is something that the Bible teaches. A purpose built pool is used for the baptism, although this could be done in a river, a swimming pool or even the sea.

We encourage people to tell publicly their story of how they became a follower of Jesus. Afterwards, they are briefly lowered under the water to be baptised and then lifted out of the water symbolizing the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Beleive and Be Baptized

Preparing for Baptism‘ is a three session course using the handbook ‘Believe and be Baptised’ by Victor Jack.

The course also includes teaching on reading the Bible, private and public prayer, going to Church and remembering the death of the Lord Jesus Christ in taking the Lord’s Supper.