Help starts here.  Everyone goes through tough times in their lives; mostly we can cope with all that comes our way but sometimes, every so often, we need a little extra help and that is where we can help.  If you feel we can help you please contact Pastor Chris.

We can offer five levels of support:


You want to know that someone is praying for you as you go to that hospital appointment, for a job interview, family meeting. We have a dedicated team of prayers that will pray for you. Within a few minutes of your request being received, it will be brought in prayer to God by over 25 people. If you prefer to remain anonymous that is OK with us.

Emotional Support

To talk with someone, have them listen to your story, pray for you as well as to ask ‘How did it go’ when it’s all over, this can make a real difference.

Emergency Care

There has to be a safe place to talk and then a route forward for when really difficult situations such as marital or financial problems, abuse or addictive issues, strike. To find the best, next step, can be so helpful at a time of real stress and anxiety.

Financial Help

We regularly run CAP Money Courses. CAP Money is a comprehensive yet astonishingly simple money management course to help you get and then stay in control of your finances. The principles taught by our Money Coaches in this three-week course have proven to be effective for thousands of people. The course is entirely free of charge and includes a Money Management Pack with a personal budgeting tool.

Practical Help

You need a lift to an appointment because your car has failed its MOT; you have to visit the hospital regularly, you are unable to walk your dog, and it would be so good to have a home-cooked meal instead of yet another takeaway.