The work of Hadleigh Baptist Church is funded primarily through the incredibly generous, regular giving of individuals.  There are a number of ways for you to give to Hadleigh Baptist Church.

Standing Order – This allows you to set up a regular payment to come out of your bank account and be sent directly to the Hadleigh Baptist Church account.  You are always in control of this method of payment as you can cancel, amend, suspend or increase your giving at any time by simply contacting your bank.  You can download a Standing Order Mandate or a Standing Order Mandate & Gift Aid Declaration from 6 April 2019.

If you wish to amend your standing order, please download the Amendment to Standing Order Mandate and send it to your bank.

Gift Aid – If you are a tax payer, by simply signing a Gift Aid Declaration 2019 and returning it to the Church Office, we can collect tax back on your identifiable gifts.  This can increase your giving by 25p from every pound you give away to a charity.  All the government asks is that you have paid an equivalent amount of tax in each tax year.

Cash – Giving cash suits lots of people and so to help anyone who wants to give in this way, we provide small cash envelopes which can be used each week.   If you would like some of these simply email our treasurer and a supply will be sent to you. If you have signed a Gift Aid Declaration 2019 you will be given coded envelopes that enable us to reclaim the tax.  You can put your offering (cheque or cash) in these and put them directly into the offering bag. These will also keep your offering as anonymous as possible i.e. only the Treasurer, the Assistant Treasurer and our Independent Examiner of accounts will see the details.

Online Shopping through Easyfundraising – The details of your purchases are not revealed.

  1. Go to
  2. Register as a user.
  3. Search for ‘Hadleigh Baptist Church’ and register us as your cause.
  4. Go shopping via the links from the site and Hadleigh Baptist Church receives a percentage of your purchase on a quarterly basis.

Where does my money go to?

Please read our most recent annual reports:

2014 annual trustees report

2015 annual trustees report

2016 Annual Trustees Report

2017 Annual Trustees Report

We seek to model generosity and every year we give a minimum of 10% of our income away, although in reality it is closer to 15%.

As an independent registered charity your support is very much appreciated.