What is the course?

CAP Money is a comprehensive yet astonishingly simple money management course to help you get and then stay in control of your finances. The principles taught by our Money Coaches in this three-week course have proven to be effective for thousands of people over the last ten years. The course is entirely free of charge and includes a Money Management Pack with a personal budgeting tool.

Who is the course for?

This course is for everybody, this is not simply a course to help people who are in debt, (although if you are in debt then please do come as you will benefit greatly from the sessions), no, this is a very simple but very comprehensive budgeting system that will help anyone to grasp just how important budgeting really is.  It shows people the real value of their money and starts to make people think of why they are spending money and what they are spending it on.

The course is also designed to help people start the process of getting out of debt.  If you are struggling with credit card repayments, loan repayments and you are really struggling to make the budget balance at the end of the month then please come along. The Money Coaches will be able to speak to you and help show you how to budget more effectively. They will work with you to find ways of freeing up money to help make the monthly figures balance. If you feel this course is for you or if you would like to bring someone along that you feel would benefit from the training, then please contact us with your details so that we can sign you up and order your budgeting pack.

Who will run the course?

The course will be run by trained CAP Money Coaches. All of them have gone through the course themselves and they will be at the training sessions to help and guide you through the various activities and tasks set during the three-week course.

When is the next course?

Please look out for the start date of our next course on our events calendar. It will be run in the front lounge of Hadleigh Baptist Church.

For more details regarding this course please contact the Church Office.

For more info about Christians Against Poverty, please visit their website here.