During the week (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings) we have a number of small groups that meet in homes around Hadleigh and the surrounding area. If you would like to be part of these small groups, please speak to either Pastor Greg or Pastor Chris and you will be assigned to an appropriate group as soon as possible.

God’s Big Picture

We are currently looking at ‘God’s Big Picture’, a Bible overview using DVD teaching from Vaughan Roberts, alongside notes.

The Bible is clearly no ordinary book. How can we begin to read and understand it as a whole?

Sixty-six books written by 40 people over nearly 2000 years, in two languages and several different genres. A worldwide bestseller published in countless sizes and bindings, translations and languages. It has been sworn by in court, fought over by religious people, quoted in arguments. The Bible is clearly no ordinary book. How can we begin to read and understand it as a whole?

In his excellent overview, Vaughan Roberts gives the big picture – showing how the different parts of the Bible fit together under the theme of the kingdom of God. He gives us both the encouragement and the tools to read it with confidence and understanding. He points us to the Bible’s supreme subject, Jesus Christ, and the salvation God offers through Him.

  • 1. The pattern of the kingdom
  • Bible study: Genesis 1:1-2:25
  • 2. The perished kingdom
  • Bible study: Genesis 3
  • 3. The promised kingdom
  • Bible study: Genesis 17:1-18; Galatians 3:6-14
  • 4. The partial kingdom
  • God’s people: Genesis 12-Exodus 18
  • God’s rule and blessing
  • Bible study: Exodus 19:1-13; 20:1-17
  • God’s place
  • God’s King
  • Bible study: 2 Samuel 7:1-17
  • 5. The prophesied kingdom
  • Bible study: Hosea 1-3
  • 6. The present kingdom
  • Bible study: Luke 1:39-80; 2:25-32
  • 7. The proclaimed kingdom
  • Bible study: 2 Corinthians 4
  • 8. The perfected kingdom
  • Bible study: Revelation 21:1-8; 21:22-22:5

These studies will help us to understand more fully the big picture of the Bible story.

The words of 1 Thessalonians 2: 8 that became a key verse in 2017 remain so as we continue into 2018 and beyond.