During the week (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings) we have a number of small groups that meet in homes around Hadleigh and the surrounding area. Although we are unable to meet face to face at the moment most of our groups are still connecting remotely by using video conferencing. If you would like to be part of these small groups, please speak to either Pastor Greg or Pastor Chris and you will be assigned to an appropriate group as soon as possible.

We’re seeking to re-tune our hearts to what God thinks and wants in following these studies in the Psalms.

In these testing days with all that the world is facing with the Coronavirus pandemic You may feel as if your soul is downcast or sick — troubled by worry, sin, suffering, fear or guilt.

David, the Israelite king who wrote many of these songs, tells us that the Word of God revives the soul — it’s powerful stuff! And how to revive your soul is the theme of this selection. Mostly written by people rolling in trouble, they take us from the problems we face, and turn us back to God, the Rock.

Here you will find medicine for your soul. Learn to trust God in difficult times and to sing a new song to the God who saves.