Hadleigh Baptist Church spent a year commemorating its 200th anniversary during 2015. Here’s our story – A Lasting Legacy.

We are so thankful to God for His faithfulness to us. As we celebrated our 200th birthday we held several special events: a Fun Day in August for the community, a Jonathan Veira Concert, a Winter Wonderland Day and the Anniversary Day itself on Sunday 13 December.

Some two hundred years ago the Baptist Church in Wattisham generously sent twelve of their members to form a new local Church in Hadleigh. Their generosity and vision to extend God’s Kingdom inspired us to emulate their spirit in 1815.

Therefore, on the Anniversary Day we held a thank you offering to the Lord to recognise God’s amazing generosity to us, as individuals and as a Church. The offering raised over £11,000 and it was used to build a local village Church in partnership with the ministry of GTSSS in India that includes a water well and two rooms for the Pastor’s family to live.

Opening of Project on Friday 16th September 2016:






Pictures of the building work nearing completion that were taken in early July 2016:

July 16 July 2016

Pictures of the progress of the building work that were taken on 30th March 2016:

India - 03.04.16 India - 30.03.16 India with Pastor - 03.04.16