Hadleigh Baptist Church spent a year commemorating its 200th anniversary during 2015.

We are so thankful to God for His faithfulness to us. As we celebrated our 200th birthday we held several special events: a Fun Day in August for the community, a Jonathan Veira Concert, a Winter Wonderland Day and the Anniversary Day itself on Sunday 13 December.

Some two hundred years ago the Baptist Church in Wattisham generously sent twelve of their members to form a new local Church in Hadleigh. Their generosity and vision to extend God’s Kingdom inspired us to emulate their spirit in 1815.

Therefore, on the Anniversary Day, we held a thank you offering to the Lord to recognise God’s amazing generosity to us, as individuals and as a Church. The offering raised over £11,000 and it was used to build a local village Church in partnership with the ministry of GTSSS in India that includes a water well and two rooms for the Pastor’s family to live.

Project Opening on Friday 16th September 2016


Building Work Nearing Completion (July 2016)

July 16
July 2016

Building Work Progress (March 2016)

India - 03.04.16
India - 30.03.16
India with Pastor - 03.04.16