Sunday mornings

Why do we do what we do in Church?  Do we do it because we have always done so? Or is there a more compelling reason? Namely, that we are instructed by God to do so.

This series will explore why we sing, give, pray, have a sermon, participate in the Lord’s Supper, baptise and read from a Bible. And even why we meet at all?

Come along to hear more. Everyone welcome!

Sunday evenings

Once again we are joining with our friends from the United Reformed Church in Hadleigh for three combined services. On this occasion we will be meeting at the URC on Sunday 24th September, 1st October & 8th October.

Jesus tells His disciples they are to be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.  These groups of people had different characteristics, Jerusalem would have been the sophisticated religious elites, Judea would have been the common God worshipping Israelite,  Samaria were those who could look back to Jewish ancestry, but had mixed beliefs and practices compared to their Judean ‘cousins’.  Complicating this relationship was the years of mutual hostility between Jews and Samaritans.  Beyond Samaria was the Gentile world, a mixture of God-fearing people and idol worshippers.  Despite the difficulties and differences, Jesus command stood – the good news/gospel was to go to all of these people groups and in doing so make them all one people.  (Colossians 3:28).

However, what we see in the presentations of the Gospel to these peoples groups is that the same message is given in different ways.  Over the three weeks we will look at how these presentations perhaps differed in style but delivered the same message (Acts 3 & Acts 17), and what the church needed to learn in order to make it happen (Acts 10:34) – In application, we’ll think about what these things mean for us.

Come along to hear more. Everyone welcome!